Who is CIT?

CIT is an independent estate investor, which has worked on a number of other sites in Southwark. A little further along Tooley Street we delivered the More London masterplan, including City Hall, and completed the South Bank Tower in 2016. At present we are working on the Vinegar Yard site on the other side of London Bridge Station. You can find out more about us on our website: www.cit.co.uk

How tall will the new building be?

Foster + Partners are still in the early stages of developing the design of the building, and are working with officers from the London Borough of Southwark. Once we have understood feedback regarding the public park and the design has been changed in response, we will then be able to create a detailed set of proposals for the building above.

We will seek your views on these details in phase two of our consultation, which we hope to begin in July. Make sure you sign up to our email updates so you are the first to know when it starts.

What is the building currently used for?

Currently, there are a few shops around the ground floor and more on the raised walkway before the bridge into London Bridge station. The rest of the building is currently consists of office space, some of which is vacant.

The area is well used by commuters. What will attract people to stay in the park, and make sure it does not become a cut-through?

Careful design will ensure that this beautiful public park be a place people want to stop in, not just walk through. The layout will carefully guide commuters and passers-by so that they get the benefit of extra pedestrian space without disrupting this oasis of green and calm.

We are also thinking about a variety of useful shops and amenities to include in and around the park, including food stalls, a central square and a new theatre. You can let us know your thoughts on this by giving your feedback.

Why is the site suitable for a commercial building?

This site is located at the heart of a commercial area, and most neighbouring buildings are offices rather than residential. Southwark Council’s policies also say that this should be for offices rather than homes. Therefore we think this site is best suited to provide office space as at present, a proportion of which will be affordable office space. 

How will the new building be serviced?

There will be a loading bay in the basement to service the whole building. It will be accessed from the north-eastern corner of the site, off Tooley Street. We are also looking at things such as servicing consolidation to reduce the number of vehicles that come to and from the site.

Will construction of this new building cause lots of disruption?

We will submit a detailed Construction Management Plan (CMP) to Southwark Council, showing how the works will be managed. We are targeting a building that is partly pre-fabricated off site and transported in, to reduce construction time. As a local developer in the London Bridge area CIT will seek to mitigate impact where possible, but the construction process will cause disruption. 

If you have any further questions, please get in touch with us here.