Autumn 2021 Update

Following the submission of our planning application in late 2020 we have listened to feedback both from Southwark Council and local groups and as a result have made adjustments to our plans on the footbridge.

On this page we set out how we are approaching the design to the new footbridge and for the different elements of the site.


The Park

Lifting the building up will allow us to create a significant new public park at street level. This area will be brought to life with a lush green park that includes diverse planting, trees, green wall, a water feature and art installations created by local artists to celebrate the history and creativity within Southwark.

The park will include three distinct characters inspired by history and the needs of the local community, tourists and commuters. This includes Bridge Gate square, Old London Bridge park and St Olaf Square. These will be places that bring the community together throughout the day.

A new home for Southwark Playhouse

Developed in consultation with Southwark Playhouse and located on Tooley Street, Colechurch House offers an exciting and bespoke home for the theatre, bringing it back home to London Bridge where it originally began.

The theatre will have two venues of different capacities, 250 people for the main theatre and 150 for the second theatre where both are proposed to have flexible configuration.

In addition to the performance spaces, the theatre will also integrate a restaurant on the upper level adjacent to the Theatre Foyer.

southwark playhouse

Net-zero carbon development  

In line with our ambition for a net-zero carbon development, the buildings have a number of sustainability measures incorporated including on site green energy generation, optimised façade to reduce energy consumption, natural ventilation, vacuumed drainage used in toilets to conserve water and a number of other measures.

London Bridge Walk Footbridge

The newest addition to our scheme is a footbridge of a lightweight and minimalist design that will be a big and necessary shift from the existing, dark, heavy, unsafe and inaccessible footbridge.

The new minimalist design will give station users a much improved route to London Bridge Station, whilst opening up historic views of Southwark Cathedral.

Further information on our new footbridge can be found at the 'Downloads' section of the website.

Image of the new footbridge

Pioneering office buildings

The office building will be staggered in height ranging from 12 to 22 storeys, stepping down towards London Bridge to preserve views of the Shard. The Foster + Partners building has a slender design that is in-keeping with the surrounding area and uses the latest technology in construction and sustainability.

Innovative cycle stacker

The proposed development will deliver 797 secure cycle parking spaces at basement level and within an automated cycle store. The proposed automated cycle store will provide an innovative and progressive approach to cycle parking which is secure, easy to use with a contemporary design. 

cycle stacker

New shops and leisure facilities

The development will include a restaurant linked to Southwark Playhouse, a retail unit suitable for a smaller local supermarket and a gym, with a small bar located within the new public park.

These activities will bring new life to Duke Street Hill and Tooley Street, animating an area that is currently uninviting and in very poor condition.

High level restaurant and viewing terrace

The top-floor of the building next to London Bridge will host a new restaurant with an open terrace and spectacular views across to the City of London. Each floor of the building will include a winter garden; a covered area for office tenants to relax and work.