The 0.69 acre site will comprise three buildings standing 22 storeys tall at the highest. Addressing the built environment accounting for over 40% of the UK's total carbon emissions, the scheme will employ efficient energy systems, solar panels to offset demand, water recycling and natural ventilation. The new public park at street level will bring much needed outdoor space to Southwark, with the removal of the footbridge enhancing the setting and opening up views to Southwark Cathedral and nearby listed buildings.

At the ground floor we are creating a new home for Southwark Playhouse, bringing the theatre back home to London Bridge and setting it within the park, which will itself host a diverse programme of cultural activity.

Our approach to the site will be informed by nine principles of development.

Principles Of Development
1. An International Destination

World class architecture by Foster + Partners will attract the next generation of creative, tech and healthcare businesses.

2. A New Public Park For London

We want to lift the building so that it starts five storeys up into the air. This will create a grand civic space at the street level. We are designing this as a public park, which will be the focus for a curated events programme. 

front door
3. The Front Door To London Bridge

To the north side of London Bridge Station you are met with busy roads, tired buildings, poor public space and few useful shops or amenities. We will change that experience for the better, giving you a welcoming space to more than match the attractions of Southwark Cathedral, Borough Market and other local cultural and historic attractions.

Vinegar Yard 2
4. An Exciting Temporary Use On Site

The redevelopment will start in 2021 at the earliest, and in the meantime, CIT will be making a number of improvements to the building and its surroundings, including introducing a meanwhile use. We are working with the team behind the successful Vinegar Yard project to curate a roof top bar on site this Christmas.

Covid-19 has set back our plans, but we will look to bring this forward when it is safe to do so.  

5. Redefining Sustainability

Our ambition is to redefine sustainability, with a strategy that brings embodied and operational carbon emissions to below the threshold set by the 2015 Paris Agreement on Climate Change (limiting temperature increase to less than 1.5°C).

Foster + Partners cares deeply about sustainable design and has a track record of delivering highly sustainable buildings.

6. A New Theatre Space At Affordable Rent

Developed with Southwark Playhouse and integrated into our new park, this is an exciting new home for the theatre, bringing it back home to London Bridge where it began. 

7. Delivering Real Social Impact

Our strategy will be evidence-led, with an emerging focus on delivering good quality jobs, genuinely affordable workspace, new public open space, and useful shops for Southwark residents.

8. Clever Construction And Servicing

We know that this is a busy area and want to minimise our impact both during construction and when the building is up and running. As much of the building as possible will be pre-fabricated off site and delivered, reducing construction time on site.

We will look at ways to reduce the number of vehicles visiting the site, for example through a servicing consolidation scheme like the one in place in Regent Street.

9. Genuine Consultation And Community Involvement

We will invite an open and honest conversation with local people and businesses about the future of the site, identifying real opportunities for influence.